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Managing your web presence


Analyzing web data

Ubicco is a local web agency, based
in Brussels, providing a full range of digital solutions for SME’s and European organisations.

Ubicco's solutions provide:

• Transparency
• Cost effectiveness
• Scalability

Ubicco's solutions offer:

• Graphic design & integration
• Domain registration and hosting
• Social media

More than 400.000 artists in the world are revealed in ArtGrove to share their works and
free their creative power.

Art Lovers

• Access artworks, creativity and knowledge
• Build your network of artists and meet them
• Encourage artists in your network
• Discover the world of art and expand your awareness

Art Makers

• Develop your network of art lovers
• Showcase and sell your work
• Manage your artistic identity
• Identify the tastes of your fans

Buzz Intelligence Technologies (BIT) allows you to gather, qualify and analyze online information providing you with a powerful decision support.

The BIT solutions provide:

• permanent multi-criteria monitoring
• alert triggering in crisis situations
• real-time content analysis
• the publication of summary reports

BIT is able to scan forums, blogs, social media as well as all major search engines independently, and to offer you the most objective results.

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